We are building a Permaculture based homestead in the Rocky Mountains near Golden BC.  Our main focus for 2019 will be setting up a small scale hemp farm.  We will also be raising pigs & chickens and hopefully completing some natural building projects on the site.  We are looking for interns (wwoofers) for a minimum of 1 month from mid-April/May to the end of September

2019 Plans & Projects…

 - Setting up a small scale hemp farm for cbd production: building a 30x80 foot greenhouse, soil building & grow bed planning and implementation for multi-species crop production focusing on Organic and Korean Natural Farming techniques. Learning about and creating organic fertilizers and pest/foliar sprays from local plants/materials. Using compost teas. 

- Other projects (some we may not get to depending on time/help/skills)

  • Building a boot-room onto our Hempcrete Earthship (natural building). Hempcrete is a hemp based, made on site, building material similar to cob. Walls will be finished with Natural Plasters & Paints.

  • Building the grow bed in our Earthship greenhouse.

  • Annual Vegetable Gardening. 

  • Biochar: how to make it and it’s many uses.

  • Basic animal husbandry for chickens, ducks and pigs including on site harvest. 

  • Building a Sauna and root cellar (may only be one or the other...)

  • Erecting a Yurt to serve as teaching and community learning space.


Daily Life/Chores

Feeding/watering animals.

Collecting/washing eggs.

Walking Dog.

Preparing meals.

Watering gardens.

Weeding/harvesting/planting in the garden.

Freezing/drying/canning food for winter.

I (Betty) run an organic grocery store, look after the gardens and make sure everyone is well fed :) Brian is the creative genious behind the Hemp project, Earthship and our off grid systems. We started with bare land and so far have built a kitchen cabin & wood fired pizza oven, an Earthship, Organic gardens & a small food forest orchard, chicken/duck coop, pigs in woods,  solar system, wood fired hot-tub, ram pump.....

Work that we need help with depends on the season but in 2019 will focus on helping Brian with the hemp project, caring for animals and gardening. We have a large raspberry patch, gardens for home use and winter canning/preserving and 4000 garlic cloves in the ground.  Woofer accomadation is in a heated camper. We work hard and play hard. Days end with free time, hottubs and bonfires, we like to also help our wwoofers see the area with occasional hikes or a trip to the lake....  We welcome wwooffers skilled in building to assist or take on projects:  Sauna, Shop, Greenhouse... (not sure which will be completed this year) as well as those who are independant, interested in Permaculture, gardening, animal husbandry and cooking!  Thanks for visiting our page and please get in touch if you are inspired by what we offer!

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