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Goonieland Founder


Head of Happy Bellies

Brian is Goonieland's creative director, builder and R&D specialist.  A Millright by trade, but he'd fool you with his welding, mechanical, electrical and plumbing skills (or at least he fools me!) For 8 months of the year Brian works on building Goonieland into an oasis of self sufficiency.  The other 4 months he disappears into the powder filled mountains to surf the steepest & deepest and flog his unbeatable snowmobile board racks  

Betty runs Eat Pure Mountain Market, Golden's Organic grocery store and juice bar!  She is also our chief gardener, chef and business smarty pants.   Before opening Eat Pure, Betty worked as a back-country chef, flying off to mountain tops to cook for hungry skiers and hikers.  She teaches cooking classes and is working towards teaching Permaculture here at Goonieland!  Betty also loves snowboarding and hiking and can point you towards lots of great places to check out in the area!

The Vision

To create a future for ourselves that is outside of our current destructive socio-economic system.  To be able to provide for ourselves and learn how to work with the land to help it grow into a species and food rich landscape.  To host classes on permaculture, sustainability and conscious living. Our goal isn't self-sufficiency rather it's learning to live in community and creating sufficiency within this realm.  We welcome sharing our land with like minded people and aim to build a stronger local community of permaculture practitioners and soul seekers. 

What is Permaculture???

In case you haven't heard the term before, we wouldn't want to leave you hanging and I'll do my best to explain what the heck permaculture is anyway?!  Permaculture can be first explained by the word itself, "Perma" and "Culture" in that there is an aim to create a "permanent" culture.  This encompasses all sorts of sustainable practices from food production and natural building to alternative energy and social aspects of community building.  It encompasses a set of design principals that assist in making decisions by looking at all the aspects related to the project and how they interact.  Permaculture is a system of design that looks to mimic nature and design systems that are resilient, interconnected and require little to no input to be sustainable.

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