Earthships are a style of eco-home that encompass passive solar design, rammed earth tires, a greenhouse and a myriad of systems so as to function like an ecosystem not just a shelter. For example rain water is collected off the roof and goes into an underground cistern for storage, when needed it is pumped with a solar pump to your sink or shower, waste water then goes into planters (bio-filters) that clean the water and plants then use it to grow your food!

We are building an Earthship/ HEMPCRETE hybrid.  Hempcrete is similar to cob but with added benefits like regulating moisture, strength and insulation all while using a waste material. Hempcrete is also fireproof and has a R value of 60 while a normal house has an R value of 25-30!  We believe that Hemp is the future of building and hope to further pursue this amazing material!



We run solar panels for power. We have 2 systems, a big one at the Earthship and a small one at the outdoor kitchen we use in summer.  We built a rocket mass heater for heating out main room and also have a super efficient wood stove in our greenhouse for additional heat.  Our stove, hot water heater, fridge and dryer run on propane, who knows maybe one day we'll make our own bio-fuels!  Our water comes from rainwater collection and an onsite creek.  We use a homemade compost toilet in the Earthship and a worm biodigestor that pre-processes the greywater before it exits into a branched drain to water fruit trees.  The best part is the greenhouse along the front of our house where we can grow salad greens in the winter!



Want to learn more about  Earthships and where they came from?  Watch the Garbage Warrior film!
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