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Earthships are a style of ecological building that encompass passive solar design, rammed-earth tires for thermal mass, a greenhouse to grow food and interconnected systems that function like an ecosystem, not just a shelter. For example, rainwater is collected off the roof and goes into an underground cistern for storage.  When needed it is pumped with a solar pump to your sink or shower, wastewater then goes into planters (bio-filters) that clean the water and plants then use it to grow your food!  Our Earthship is Canada's first HEMPCRETE Earthship!  Hempcrete is similar to cob but with the added benefits of regulating moisture, being fire proof, having superior strength and insulation all while using a waste material. We believe that Hemp is the future of building!  

Our home is off-grid and uses 100% solar energy for power 8 months of the year.  In the dark snowy days of our Northern winter, we use a diesel generator to charge up our batteries when there is not enough sun.  


Want to learn more about  Earthships and where they came from?  Watch the Garbage Warrior film!
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