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Each breath is like a little rebirth,

a renaissance, that can only be celebrated

if we notice it is happening.



Join me for a short 30 minute practice from the comfort of your home!



Thursdays 7-8:30 pm $20

Text to Book 250-272-8848

Embrace the Wild Within

WOLF MOON WOMEN'S RETREAT  Awaken, Connect & Renew in the Heart of the Rockies

August 23-25th, 2024

Goonieland Permaculture Farm, Golden BC

This retreat is an invitation for you to rediscover yourself amidst the sacredness of the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. Through a nurturing blend of teachings and experiences, we will harness the elements of earth, air, fire, and water to deepen our connection to ourselves and the transformative essence of Mother Nature.

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Clarity Breathwork private sessions synthesize trauma-informed breathwork alongside inquiry, a process of sharing and being witnessed.  We are always working with what is present and alive at the moment, bringing deeper understanding and awareness as to how the past has informed what is present. Clarity Breathwork private sessions are a somatic process where clients gain deep insight, release stuck emotions, and shift patterns that no longer serve them. Sessions are available in person or online.  Click the link below to schedule or reach out to see if working with me is right for you!


"Through our work together, we gently call back all the parts you have disowned, detached from or ignored. What you thought you had neatly tucked away… has been there with you all along.  Silently influencing your choices, beliefs about yourself, your worthiness and the world around you.  These beliefs keep you stuck in old patterns, holding you back.  It is time to lift the viel, calling back all parts of you, calling yourself home with this gentle and supportive practice.  The breath can wash away negative thought patterns like waves washing away footprints on the shore, gently and with ease. Release and rebirth yourself with Clarity Breathwork."

Private Sessions


Hi, I'm Nicole Du Vent

A Clarity Breathwork practitioner, permaculture farmer and holistic chef.  I am passionate about building community, living a fully nourished and balanced life, plant spirit medicines, and the mountains. I live on a homestead with my husband, dogs, cats, and chickens in the mountains of Golden, BC. I am a long-time yoga lover and spiritual seeker who loves transcendental experiences. I came to Breathwork through this path and was blown away by the profound insights and guidance I received from something as simple as breathing. One of these insights led us to build a ceremony yurt on our farm, the Wolf Moon Temple, where we now host breathwork, retreats, and community events.  Breathwork can transform your life physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  My mission is to help you come home to yourself and discover the power and freedom of the breath. 

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