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Embrace the Wild Within

Awaken, Connect & Renew in the Heart of the Rockies

August 23-25th, 2024

Goonieland Permaculture Farm & Retreat, Golden BC

The Retreat

This retreat invites you to rediscover yourself amidst the sacredness of the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. Through a nurturing blend of teachings and experiences, we will harness the elements of earth, air, fire, and water to deepen our connection to ourselves and the transformative essence of Mother Nature.

Activities Include:

  • BREATHWORK & SOMATIC EXPERIENCES: Discover the power of the breath to uncover and release what is stuck and open pathways to greater self-awareness and inner peace.

  • MOVEMENT & SOUND: Express your authentic self through morning movement, song, sound bath & sunset ecstatic dance!

  • CACAO CEREMONY: Participate in a sacred ritual to open the heart and set intentions for healing and growth.

  • FOREST MEDICINE WALK: Experience a mindful journey through nature, connecting with the earth.

  • SAUNA & COLD PLUNGE: Relax in a soothing sauna before refreshing yourself in our creek-side cold plunge.

  • ORGANIC FARM TO TABLE MEALS: Savor delicious chef-prepared meals from farm-sourced ingredients

  • ON-SITE CAMPING & GLAMPING: Immerse yourself in nature with comfortable accommodation options surrounded by forest & mountains.


The Location

Experience the Wolf Moon Temple, a beautifully crafted 24-foot yurt nestled within Goonieland Permaculture Farm in Golden, BC. This serene location offers a peaceful sanctuary surrounded by the breathtaking Purcell & Rocky Mountains.

Goonieland Permaculture Farm is an off-grid homestead & farm dedicated to organic farming, hemp production, natural building, and holistic wellness. The farm embodies principles of sustainability and community living, providing an ideal backdrop for our retreat activities. 


Goonieland offers a range of accommodation options to suit your needs, all of which are immersed in nature and have sauna access! 


Camp in a spacious meadow with sauna access! *Families are welcome to camp if you'd like to bring your partner/kids.

Cozy bell tents with two queen  beds! Honeymoon suite has its own claw-foot wood fired tub!

A cozy private retreat with two queen sized beds, wood stove and kitchen.

Private glamping tent with a queen bed, and wood stove, or our private glamper-van!

Your Hosts

Nicole Du Vent (AKA Betty), founder of Embodied Heart Breathwork. Betty is a Breathwork facilitator, permaculture farmer, health food store owner, and holistic chef. 


Kate Andrews of Finding Soul Medicine. Kate is a movement specialist, nutrition coach, Kambo Facilitator, and passionate about assisting others with their wellness journey.


Betty and Kate met at the Boulter Method, a six-month women's intensive taught by Reanna Costa. The program delves into Somatic Experiencing, parts work, and the gentle use of plant spirit medicines to facilitate profound internal shifts. They share a passion for exploring body-based practices, along with sound, sauna, nature, and community, to reconnect and awaken to the sacredness of life. 


Save your spot!


depending on accomdation

Locals (staying off-site) rate & Payment plans available.

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