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Premium Quality ・ Nutrient Dense ・ Ethically Raised

We proudly raise our pigs the way they should be, free to roam, root, and wallow! 
Eating our pork is a legendary culinary experience.

*100% forest raised
*Fermented Grain, Vegetable & Hemp Fed
*Unsprayed Barley, Oats, Wheat & Alfalfa feed 

Our pigs also eat fruits & vegetables from a food recovery program and local apples in the fall.
We are taking orders for custom cutting for Dec 2023.
10, 20 or 40lb taster packs available NOW!
Retail cuts are available at Eat Pure Mountain Market, in Golden BC. 

All orders must be picked up in Golden, BC

Sample 40lb Taster Pack: 

6 lbs Sausages
5 lbs Bacon

8lbs Fresh Roasts 

10 lbs Pork Chops & Shoulder Steaks 

4 lb Ground Pork

3 lb Smoked Hocks

3 lb Ribs

1 lb Rendered Lard

Whole/Half Pig   $7.99/lb 


Sample Half Pig: (90 lbs hanging)

10 lbs Pork Chops

10 lbs Fresh Roasts

10 lbs  Bacon

3 lbs   Spare Ribs

20 lbs Sausages (or ground pork, hams)

10 lbs Fat for Lard

 10lbs Bones

3 lbs Organs

*HANGING WEIGHT is the weight after slaughter but before butchering. The pig has been skinned, gutted and head/feet off. Hanging weight is approx 72% of live weight. A 250lb hog, hangs at 180lbs and equals 150lbs of retail cuts. The other 30lbs are the bones, organs & fat which are excellent for making bone broth, lard for cooking, incorporating organs into your diet or feeding the bones/organs to your dog, about 5% weight is lost to moisture loss. 

The hanging weight of a whole pig is approx 160-200lbs. 

Smoking/Curing/Sausage Extra

  • SMOKING/CURING (Bacon/Ham)   $1.49/lb + 5$ slicing/half

  • SAUSAGES    $2.99-$3.29/lb (Italian, Breakfast, Smokies, Bratwurst) 

  • This gives you the option to make your own bacon and sausages or if you're looking for ground pork instead of sausage there are no additional costs.

  • Deposit $400 Whole Pig, $200 Half Pig 

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