We raise locally farrowed Tamworth/Yorkshire crosses, known for their excellent marbling and moisture-rich meat.

Our pigs are raised in the forest in rotating paddocks.  We believe that pigs should be raised in their natural environment and be allowed to express their tendencies to root and wallow. We feed our pigs a spray-free, corn-free, non-GMO feed.  They also eat HEMP leaves from our farm, local spent brew grain from Whitetooth Brewery, organic vegetable pulp from our juice bar and local apples in the fall!  Instead of using a pharmaceutical dewormer we feed them our own blend of 15 anti-parasitic and immune-boosting herbs. We are raising a small herd so as to not degrade the forest and always provide access to fresh roots & shoots to add to their diet. Why HEMP FED?  The medicinal properties of the hemp plant are fat-soluble.  Pigs have lots of fat.  This means your medicine is in your meat.  CBD Pork.


We sell our pork by the 1/2 or whole animal and in 20 or 35lb taster packs. 

 We are now taking orders for Fall 2020

10 lb Taster Pack $120

20lb Taster Pack $240

35lb Taster Pack $385


Sample 20lb Taster Pack: 

4 lbs Sausages
4 lbs Bacon

4 lbs Fresh Roasts 

6 lbs Pork Chops & Shoulder Steaks 

2 lb Smoked Hock

Whole Pig   $7.99/lb *HANGING WEIGHT (180-200lbs) $400 Deposit

Half Pig   $7.99/lb *HANGING WEIGHT (90-100lbs) $200 Deposit 


Sample Half Pig: (90lbs hanging)

10 lbs Pork Chops

  2 lbs Tenderloin

10 lbs Shoulder Steaks

20 lbs Cured Ham (or fresh Roasts)

15 lbs  Bacon

3 lbs   Spare Ribs

15 lbs Sausages (or ground pork)

15 lbs Lard, Bones, Fat

*HANGING WEIGHT is the weight after slaughter but before butchering. The animal has been skinned, gutted and head/feet off. Hanging weight is aprox 72% of live weight. A 250lb hog, hangs at 180lbs and equals 150lbs of retail cuts. The other 30lbs are the bones, organs & fat which are excellent for making bone broth, lard for cooking, incorporating organs into your diet or feeding the bones/organs to your dog!  

Our Price Includes:

 Piglet, Feed, Transportation (for feed/piglet/butchering), Labour 


Our Price Does Not Include:

  • SMOKING/CURING (Bacon/Ham)    $1.49/lb + 5$ slicing/half

  • SAUSAGES    $2.99-$3.29/lb (Italian, Breakfast, Smokies, Bratwurst)

*Sample curing/smoking/sausage cost on a 1/2 pig: Hams $20, Bacon $20, Sausage $30

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