We are excited to offer a personalized hands-on learning opportunity for those interested in permaculture, hemp, natural building and homesteading.

*FYI: We are not an organic market garden*

What we offer is a wide education on living off-grid, natural building, animal husbandry,

home-steading, hemp cultivation, and Korean Natural Farming.


We started with bare land and have in the past 8 years built a functioning, though still under construction, farm-stead.  We built an “Earthship” (rammed earth tire wall/hempcrete/off-grid home.) 

Set up an outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and gardens.  Planted an orchard/food forest with 30 fruit trees, hazelnuts, and other edible plants. We put in water systems, solar systems, campers for wwoofers, an Air BNB and are in the process of completing a tiny-home.

We raise pigs in the woods (15+/year), free-range laying hens (50+) and ducks for pest control and food.

Our newest farm enterprise and primary commercial focus is high CBD hemp grown in greenhouses. 

In 2020 we will build two row tunnels to expand production and focus on Korean Natural Farming making fertilizers and pesticides with on farm fermentation and locally-harvested microbes. 

2020 Plans & Projects…

While our list is always over ambitious, in 2020 we will complete at least some or most of these projects:   

  • Focus on HEMP production, build row tunnels, KNF, seed to sale.

  • Dig a pond and establish gravity water systems to home-site and hemp-site.

  • Earthship: Boot Room and greenhouse grow bed, burry root cellar, plaster exterior, roof melt system.

  • Raise 15-20 pigs, 50-100 laying hens. Establish new chicken zone in the woods

  • Solar system for hemp zone/cabin.

  • Tiny home cabin:  June hempcrete workshop, plasters, build-out interior. 

  • Bioremediation of steep slope; plant trees.


In addition, you will take part in:

Feeding/watering animals

Collecting/washing eggs

Preparing meals

Watering/Weeding/harvesting/planting in the garden

Freezing/drying/canning food for winter

You Will Learn:

  • Small animal husbandry; pigs, chickens, ducks.

  • How to build and feed organic soils, composting.

  • How to make fertilizers, compost teas & foliar sprays on farm with Korean Natural Farming 

  • Planting and caring for seedlings, transplanting, pruning.

  • Harvesting techniques, drying, curing.

  • Natural building: Hempcrete, clay/lime plasters. 

  • Gravity water systems.

  • Solar systems.

  • Food preservation, canning.

Who is our internship best for? 

  • Someone who is interested in the wide array of homesteading skills.  *We are not an organic produce farm or market garden. What we offer is a wide education on living off-grid, natural building, animal husbandry, hemp and Earthships. 

  • Someone who wants to build an earthen home or live off-grid.

  • Someone who has taken a permaculture course and wants experience before starting their own projects!

  • Someone with basic building skills.

  • Someone interested in hemp or cannabis production.

  • Someone who can work independently.

  • Someone who doesn’t mind being in the countryside. 

In addition to room and board (food), experience and education we are able to offer a sliding stipend depending on time commitment. Preference is given to full-season applicants, we are looking for 2 full season interns (May-Oct).  We understand that this is not possible for all so we require a two-month minimum commitment

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