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2024  HIRING &

POSITION: We are excited to offer hands-on learning opportunities for those interested in permaculture, natural buildings, off-grid living, HEMP, and homesteading. This year, we are hiring one full-season farm hand/construction helper and have various volunteer opportunities to join us for three-week to three-month positions.  

REPORTING TO:  Farm Team Management

DATES: Season-long positions May 1-Oct 31st, one paid position for full season. 

HOURS:  The successful applicant will be scheduled to work 35 hours per week and live on-site.


We are an off-grid Permaculture homestead and farm. We have laying hens (approx 100), pigs (harvesting 20/year), medicinal hemp and vegetables.  We are not a market garden. We focus on food security first and selling excess produce through our organic grocery store, Eat Pure Mountain Market.  This year's main vegetable crops will be hemp, garlic, greens, and tomatoes. Beyond food production, we are natural builders, we run a small campground and are forming an intentional community focused on alternative governance, spiritual growth, plants as medicine, and self-reliance. We started with bare land in 2012 and have built many off-grid systems and natural buildings, including a hempcrete Earthship.


We seek responsible, self-motivated team members passionate about organic agriculture and self-sufficiency.  Position roles are wide and varied.  This season we are seeking a construction helper who possesses experience with tools and is eager to broaden their horizons by delving into the realms of homesteading and off-grid living.  General farm help will spend time in all the food production systems, from weeding, pruning, and harvesting plants to feeding animals, animal husbandry, and the infamous butcher day.  A keenness to live in community is required, we are a small tight-knit team that meets daily and weekly for various planning meetings, meals, and community events. Effective communication skills are paramount, as is a mindset that views interpersonal challenges as opportunities for personal growth and connection.  As a team, we share interests in spiritual growth, self-governance, counter-narrative views, and an interest in learning the skills it takes to live off-grid, in a community.

This summer our projects beyond current food production include:

  • Our main focus this year is to build a 30x70 timber frame shop

  • Set up Glamping in our Campground

  • Hempcrete brick production

  • Set up Drip Irrigation

  • Completion of hempcrete tiny home & off-grid systems for tiny homes. 

  • New garden zone: fencing, beds, pond.

  • Numerous building projects like outhouses.

  • Maintenance of numerous large and small engines & machines.


In addition, you will take part in:

Shared Meal Prep

Daily watering/weeding/harvesting/planting in the garden.

You Will Learn:

  • Small animal husbandry; pigs, chickens, ducks.

  • How to build and feed organic soils, composting.

  • How to make fertilizers, compost teas & foliar sprays on farm with Korean Natural Farming 

  • Planting and caring for seedlings, transplanting, pruning.

  • Harvesting techniques, drying, curing.

  • Natural building: Hempcrete, clay/lime plasters. 

  • Gravity water systems.

  • Solar systems.

  • Food preservation, canning.

Who is our internship best for? 

  • Someone interested in the vast array of homesteading skills.  

  • Someone who wants to build an earthen home or live off-grid.

  • Someone who has taken a permaculture course and wants experience before starting their own projects!

  • Someone with basic building skills.

  • Someone interested in hemp.

  • Someone who can work independently.

  • Someone who doesn’t mind being in a rural environment. 


  • Farm Hand/Construction position pay is $22-24/hr DOE, additional benefits include room/board, end of contract bonus

  • Room + Board + Community!  This is a rare live-in opportunity to learn the skills to live your OFF-GRID DREAM. 

  • Room: *Camper trailers

  • Board: Meals are provided (shared cooking). 

  • Being part of a community! Weekly community-building meetings.  

  • Access to weekly events: yoga, breathwork, and potlucks.

  • Access to our annual Hempcrete Workshop and other farm events. 

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